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Muslim Sisters Boutique
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Welcome to MSB!

The Muslim Sisters Boutique caters to sisters of all levels of faith. Whether you are contemplating wearing hijab (Islamic dress) or have chosen to adorn hijab, MSB serves as a network for sisters to help sisters strengthen and grow in iman (faith). For sisters visiting MSB, Assalaam-u-aleikum and welcome!

The Muslim Sisters Boutique (MSB) strives to create a support group and structure for all sisters around the globe who wear Islamic dress, known as Hijab. The goal of MSB is to be more than simply an online Islamic clothing shopping mall, but to help sisters unite and counsel one another in regards to ones experiences as a Hijab adorner.

Currently, MSB offers unique and reasonably priced Islamic attire such as the Full Length Burqah - your abayah and niqab all in ONE. Why fuss with a hijab, niqab and jilbab when you can have a complete one-piece garment customed made for your satisfaction.

MSB also offers gift sets for sisters who are new Hijab or Niqab wearers. Each gift set comes with a beatiful hijab and/or niqab; as well as a personal journal. This serves as an excellent gift for new sisters.

To see MSB's clothing line, use the navigational toolbar above by selecting Shopping Mall. Enjoy your journey!

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Be sure to check out the unique and one-of-a-kind Full Burqah - only offered to you by MSB. This full length burqah is your abaya and hijab all in ONE!

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NEW to wearing Hijab or Niqab...enjoy MSB's "My First Hijab" or "My First Niqab" Gift sets!!!

Visit the ONE TIME SALE for unique Islamic clothing items and accessories like the Afghani Burqah!!!

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