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Muslim Sisters Boutique
My First Hijab/Niqab


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The first of anything can be an emotional, exciting experience. Here's something special for those sisters just beginning to wear hijab or niqab:

My First Hijab Gift Set: What a wonderful way to start wearing hijab when you can write your feelings, your triumphs and emotions of gratitude about your new step in faith. The set comes complete with a 45 X 45 square scarf in the color of your choice; as well as a blank personal journal.

Available colors include black, cream, white, navy blue, dark red and many more. SALE $19.99

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A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide

My First Niqab Gift Set: A wonderful gift set for sisters beginning to wear the face veil. The set comes complete with half niqab in the color of your choice with tie or elastic closure; as well as a personal gratitude journal.

Colors include Black, White, Cream, Navy, Chocolate and more. SALE $16.99

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