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Muslim Sisters Boutique
Contest Page


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Enter our contest!

The Muslim Sisters Boutique (MSB) wants to hear from you. Whether you are contemplating to wear hijab or wear full hijab and cover your face and hands with gloves, we want to hear from you. Tell us your story! Why do you dress the way you do? What obstacles have you encountered? What triumphs? What advice would you give other sisters about why they should take the step to wear hijab daily?

This is the first time, that we know of, when the voices of those who wear wear hijab can be heard. Let's show the world hijab is a beautiful choice women of Islam decide, let's teach other sisters of its importance and obligation. It's time you get heard!


Write to us your story on why you wear hijab, niqab or would like to take the step but have not. Your entry could be entered in the coming book which will express why women wear hijab.

One entry will be selected to win the grand prize, an Islamic wardrobe: 4-jilbabs (one size fits all) and 2-square hijabs (approx. 45X45) or 2-half-niqabs (choice of color).

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Bookmark this site for details.

Put on your thinking caps and see how you would answer the following question: "Why do I choose (want) to wear hijab?"