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Muslim Sisters Boutique


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Larger pictures of garments can be viewed on this page.

Basic & Deluxe Full Burqah Styles -

A unique and custom made garment that serves as a one piece Abaya, Hijab and Niqab all in ONE!!! No more hassles with attaching your niqab and having it slip out of place or pinning your's an MSB Original!


Khimar & Niqab One Piece - Attached Niqabs, your choice of half-veil or full face-veil to long circular scarves called Khimars. No pins needed!!!


"My First Hijab" or "My First Niqab" Gift Sets - An excellent gift for sisters just starting to wear hijab or niqab. Comes with a personal journal to write down your journey of dressing Islamically modest.


Check out the section called, "Little Ones" - MSB's new clothing line dedicated to the little muslim gils and boys. This is our first clothing choice - Little Girls Khimars!!!

Lil' Girls Khimars

To view the descriptions, prices or to buy these items, please visit the "Shopping Mall" using the navigational toolbar at the top of the webpage.

*Picures of garments may vary in style available.