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Muslim Sisters Boutique
News and Events


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We'll use this page to keep our customers up to date on news and events relating to our business.

And the winner is...

The winner will be announced soon so don't forget to check out the Contect section using the navigational toolbar above!

Our business is expanding!

Due to the recent success of our new product line, we will soon be offering you books, chat rooms, newletters and clubs for sisters who cover. Bookmark this site for updates.

These extra items will serve as a network for sisters to other sisters. Now your advice and assistance can help another sister understand the road to dressing modestly Islamic (Hijab), or you can help other sisters understand why you cover your face. This is for you and the community!

It's finally here!

A bicycle; Actual size=130 pixels wide

Here are the details...

An MSB Original: Full Burqah ------ Your Jilbab, Hijab, and Niqab all in ONE garment! Sold nowhere else but MSB. Check out the MSB Shopping Mall for more details.